On The House / Console

Leadership Program


  • Leadership workshops

Project Overview

This fast-paced technology company needed to equip their leaders with foundational leadership skills for the 21st century workplace. The company was growing and the change & agility they were going through required a leadership program to meet their needs in real-time. Left Field delivered a company wide program of workshops tailored to Console / OnTheHouse’s needs.

These workshops were mapped out to run over a year long period and fit in with organisational demands and timeframes. The program was structured to cover off three key areas of foundational leadership skills – Self, Conversations and Performance. Each of these areas had two workshops to focus on each:
- Self (emotional intelligence and mindful leadership)
- Conversations (influencing & building positive relationships) and
- Performance (creating performance).

This leadership program ran for two consecutive years and had over 100 leaders through the courses. The program was well received by leaders and executives alike. Confidence and competence were measured to see direct changes in the workplace after participants had completed the program.

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