A Habit For Success

Article appears as featured in February 2016 edition of Style Magazine

What are your goalsAS WE MOVE into the second month of the year and time starts to get away from us, many New Year’s resolutions have become a distant memory. So this is a timely reminder to bring our goals back into focus.

According to psychologists, people who successfully form habits have one trait in common: the ability to effectively say no. By this, they mean that a person is able to articulate and reinforce the behaviours that they feel fit into their values and beliefs.

The simple act of saying no to something helps you to identify what you truly want and prevent bad habits from creeping back in.

Think back to your resolution: what did you want to achieve? When presented with an opportunity, you need to reflect on whether this supports the habit you’re trying to form. If not, say no!

So next time you say yes to something, think about the implications. Are you really just saying no to yourself and putting off fulfilling your ultimate resolution?


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