Are You Emotionally Attractive?

You can learn to be Emotionally Attractive!

Picture yourself when you're angry… How do you look?  Is your face red?  Do you wave your hands about? Do you raise your voice at your co-worker?  Would you want to work with someone like that?  Probably not.   

Emotional attractiveness is a term that is defined by being aware of your emotional state and recognising the impact of your emotions on others.  It is being able to project to others that you are not moody or temperamental!  And yes, you can learn to do this.  

Our top tips are:

  • Be consciously aware of your emotional state
  • Create an Etchy Sketch in your mind and wipe clean any unhelpful or negative thoughts that could impact on an interaction before you walk into a room, or go into a meeting
  • Practice cooperation and kindness in your dealings.  It is not about spitting the dummy!

icon-heartIn memory of Maya Angelou: "Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud"