Are you Mindful at Work?

Article appears as featured in October 2015 edition of Style Magazine)

Style_Mindful_OctoberYOU HAVE PROBABLY heard the word ‘mindfulness’ a lot these days. But what is it? It is about ensuring your mind is fully attending to what’s happening and what you are doing and feeling. The benefits of mindfulness include reducing stress, gaining awareness and insight and increasing our general well-being. It can also be helpful in the workplace where we often fill our minds with distractions and end up with information overload.



Here are four mindful practices you can apply in your workplace:
1. Make a choice of how to start your day – rather than getting to work and letting the day run away from you, choose to start the day by being aware of how you are and how you feel before you walk into work.


2. Be mindful while eating lunch – attend to the flavours, taste and texture of your food. 


3. Breathe between meetings – don’t look at emails or texts between meetings, just walk, be aware of others and the air around you. 


4. Sit at your desk – pause and reflect, notice how you feel and take notice of your breath.


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