Develop, Motivate and Grow Resonsibility in your People

 A short guide on when to coach and when not to

When to coach

  • There are number of options and methods for performing a task or achieving a result.  Coaching allows the leader not to tell them how they would do it, but allows the individual to think for themselves
  • There is an opportunity to learn and become more independent.  This means a leader doesn't have to answer the same questions over and over again and be the "go to person" for repeatable tasks
  • You want to engage, motivate and encourage your team towards high performance
  • When you want to take a holiday or leave – coaching someone to relieve your position!

When not to coach

  • There is only one way of doing something, I.e. It is a rule, legislation or safety process.  You have to tell them
  • When you have a member of the team that requires specific guidance, training or mentoring – that is they don't know the answer and need direct support
  • When you are busy and don't have the time to do so – better to reschedule!
  • Every conversation – sometimes you just need to build rapport and gain feedback rather than coach people!