Disrupt-able Me?

Extended Version of Kelly's Expert Column as Featured in Style Magazine's March Addition

How vulnerable are you to the quick and fast moving world of work?59flipped
Do you see opportunities ahead of the pack, adjust your thinking accordingly and make your own destiny?
Or do you see the winds change but have no idea how to navigate the changing course? Or worse, do you completely miss the cue that change is brewing?


What to look out for:

  • You are in an industry or role that is money for jam where people are paying without thinking – this means that lean operators could come in and offer the same value at a lower cost point. Lean operators have figured out the inefficiencies in your offerings and can provide the same quality service more efficiently! Customers/consumers are starting to doubt the fees charged if they can have the same value somewhere else.


  • You haven’t looked hard at how you do your work – you allow for inefficiencies all the time and haven’t nutted out how to do your job more seamlessly (see above point!


  • Complacency – you think that you’re safe. You forget there are always others looking for ways to take over!


What to do?

  1. Be vigilant – don’t fall into the trap of complacency, stay responsive and understand market trends.
  2. Understand your value and how you brand yourself accordingly.
  3. Don’t just wait around for winds of change. Know this is the world of work and look for opportunities to learn, grow and be relevant.