Why it’s essential to find out your genius zone…

First thing first… you have a genius zone… everyone does. Somewhere along the way in life we either have forgotten it or didn’t pay attention to it in the first place.

What happens when you have uncovered your genius zone?

You feel smarter.


No seriously, you feel like you can conquer the world, you feel powerful and empowered. Self-confidence oozes out of you.

What happens when you are feeling like this?
Success. In life. In your career.
So, it’s pretty important stuff. Stuff you can’t ignore or pretend it doesn’t exist.


The tricky part is figuring it out what your genius zone is as it can literally be right in front of your eyes and you overlook it.


Interesting for me, my genius zone is spotting other’s genius zones… I’m genius-zone detective I guess.
So let me give you the fast-track to find out what your genius zone is… I have created a free downloadable activity to get you sorted too (you just need to pop-in your email address so I can send it straight to your inbox).
The idea of this activity is to structure your thinking to really dig deep to find your genius zone. I know I’m going to sound like a real psychologist here… but sometimes you genius zone is found in your childhood. Finding out what you love to do without the pressures of what others’ want you to do, when you were free-spirted gives you the first clues.
For me… I remember lining up my teddy bears and dolls in a straight-line and pulling out my miniature blackboard easel and talking to them with chalk in-hand “whiteboarding” my ideas…
Fast-forward today, I am most confident when I’m teaching, facilitating in a classroom… my natural genius zone. I craved a career out of it and its easy for me not hard.

That’s the other clue… knowing what lights you up… what makes you happiest… in my free downloadable activity I get you to really think through those happy times. What were you doing? Who were you doing it with? If you are doing something joyful, usually it something you do effortlessly… and others are impressed because they can’t do it the way you do it… I have many people say to me… how do you facilitate day after day.. don’t you get tired? I usually look blankly at them… doesn’t everybody feel the same as me?
Then that’s the third clue. If others see you as the go to person or ask questions about you do X, then X is your genius zone. Others see your genius more than you do … you just have to ask.


If your career is built around your genius zone then you don’t feel stuck, you don’t feel the need to not turn up to work… you are happy and have meaning in your life.


This is doable.
Don’t wait to find out what creates genius inside of you – it is totally within your reach!
For the extra push you need to discover your genius zone, join us at our Career Hactive Day. We’d love you to have you!