What is the Total Experience of Knowing You? Defining your personal brand

How do others perceive you?

What is the total experience of knowing YOU? What language do you use to describe yourself? What do your actions say about your values? Everything you say and do in your professional life leaves an imprint on your clients, peers, colleagues and manager(s). Your personal brand is the way in which you market yourself. Your brand can impact your working relationships, your ability to influence decisions and potential career opportunities.

Reflect on a time that you have walked away from a meeting with somebody who made you feel uncomfortable or frustrated. What was it about this person that made you feel this way? What impact did this have on your working relationship? What impact might this have on their career?



Our tops tips for creating a meaningful personal brand:

Get a reality check!

  • Seek feedback about your strengths and development areas to begin painting a picture of how people currently perceive you, and work on developing the skills and abilities that you want people to recognise.

Identify and translate your top 5 values into behaviours!

  • Provide people with visible actions that demonstrate what is most meaningful to you - this will show your individuality.

Send a consistent message!

  • Practice communicating your brand both verbally and non-verbally, so that people begin to associate you with the values, behaviours and skills you want to be known for.