The Left Field Story

Left Field definition: noun a surprising or unconventional position or style; adjective radical or experimental.

When I left my high pressure role as senior psychologist for a large global firm, I was clear that I wanted to be an organisational psychologist delivering great solutions without the pressure of meeting sales targets, or making cold calls. I wanted to focus on connecting with great people in organisations who care about people and wanted to deliver solutions that were beneficial, positive and had a real return on the investment. What I wasn’t clear on was a name or tagline!  In fact for the first 3 – 4 months I didn’t have a business card! I was more interested in meeting people and continuing the great work of what an organisational psychologist could bring to the table for businesses.

But I did need a name. I knew I didn’t want to be Kelly ABC consulting…

It turned out the best way to think up a name was with friends over red wine and cheese. And as we discussed names, writing ideas on napkins, I realised how hard this really was. Knowing that this name would represent what I do, what I believe in and what I would like to achieve.

As the saying goes, “it was staring us right in the face!”. The brand of wine we were consuming was called Left Field because this particular grape was harvested in the Left Field and was grown utilising an innovative technique that the wine makers were experimenting with!

It really struck me. Often when I go into businesses and organisations and talk to them about their people, they are clear on what issues or strategies they would like to employ. However, during discussions I usually come up with different strategies or ideas they hadn’t thought of but which I know will create the behavioural shifts they are looking for. Kind of like giving ideas that are left of field.

Also, when I was consulting I found that many businesses were not clear on what an organisational psychologist does but I knew what I had to offer was something different given my background.

So the name stuck! And it really does represent what we do at Left Field. We are constantly reviewing research and looking for fresh approaches to old “people problems”. We strive to challenge thinking to create light bulb moments and behavioural change. We don’t offer cookie cutter approaches.

Given one of our values is "People Impact", and specifically to be memorable to our clients, we really hope that our clients say "Gee what a great idea – that came out of Left Field".