Left Fielder's Top Tips for Surviving the Silly Season

227aIt's that time of year again, the craziness that is December! Why does it always seem so much busier than any other month? Perhaps because we are trying to squish as much as possible into those 31 days.


As this season can be a little overwhelming - both in our professional and personal lives - the Left Field team have put together their top tips on how to tackle the silly season... 


  • Kelly: Don’t write off the month of December as this month can go so quick:
    - Savour each day
    - Think about how you want to live the last month of 2015 and
    - Be in the moment!
  • Jess: All I want for Christmas is … me! For many of us the year tends to accelerate towards the finish line in a busy mess of meeting deadlines, gift buying and end of year celebrations. Having expended so much energy on others, we tend to forget what we actually want and need. Take time over the holiday period to focus some time and energy on you!
  • Betina: Personally, I have always found December to be the perfect month for reflection. Look back at what a year 2015 has been – both the ups and the downs. Take a moment to stop, reflect and truly appreciate everything that has happened in the year… how it has made you feel and how it has helped you grow. The years’ go so fast, sometimes we forget to appreciate just how far we’ve come!
  • Kate: During the silly season try to keep in mind what matters most, to me this is the human connection. Considering this can be a very isolating and lonely time for some, try to think of how you can reach out to others, even just a smile or kind word might brighten someone’s Christmas.
  • Alex: Christmas is often the season for spending time with family. For me, family isn't just about blood relatives, but all those people who have shaped my life, cared for me, and inspired me. Godparents, family friends, and school friends have all become wonderful additions to my family over the years. Whether you're gathering for breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner, or dinner, it's a great opportunity to remind people they are your family, and most of all that you love them!


The Left Field team would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our clients a very happy and safe festive season! We look forward to seeing you all again in 2016!


Please note, the Left Field office will be closed from midday on Wednesday 23 December 2015, reopening on Monday 11 January 2016.