Managing the Emotions of Change

Successful change management has very little to do with the change itself. Regardless of 'what' is actually changing, humans will continue to have different reactions to the perceived reward or threat that the change presents.

As a leader, successfully bringing people on the change journey has a great deal to do with the degree to which we understand our own emotions and behaviour and how this impacts on everyone around us.

Listed below are a couple of guiding questions to assist you in centering yourself and having a positive impact on those around you: 

  1. What is broad spectrum of emotions that I am currently experiencing (e.g., confused, excited, nervous)? 
  2. How is this impacting on my interactions with others (e.g., serious tone of voice, distracted body language)?
  3. What can I do and say to reduce the perceived threat of change and increase the perceived reward?

"There are three essentials to leadership: humility, clarity and courage." - Fuchan Yuan