Are You Ok? A Surprising Conversation.

Earlier this year for one of my university assignments (Bachelor of Psychology) I had to interview a person as if I was a psychologist and they were a clinical psychology client. Naturally I went to my sister, having confidence that I knew her back to front, I felt I could easily ask a few questions in order to complete the assignment. To help set the scene, my sister is 15 years younger than me but despite that we are very close; which I why I was really taken back by our conversation.


For this interview, I was asking her many different questions about her life, most of them being everyday questions you may ask your friends or family each day. For example, questions.. 

  • About how she was feeling
  • How she was finding adjusting to her first year in high school
  • About her friends and her relationships with them


As I asked her these questions it dawned on me; despite knowing my sister SO well, I hadn't really connected with her or actually asked “ARE YOU OK?”. As it turned out, she was facing many challenges such as finding new friendship groups, losing old friends, finding her own confidence and trying to manage an increased workload of study along with all the other joyful experiences of being a teenager. What was supposed to be a 10 minute interview turned into an hour heartfelt chat that I was both honoured and really glad to have had with her.  


So today especially, but also every day, I challenge you to ask the question “Are you ok?”. It doesn’t matter how well you think you know someone, they might really need you.


Today is R U OK Day. For more information, resources and contacts visit


Kate Higgins

Administration Assistant