LFCS’s Tip for Optimising your Long Weekend

Consolidate your New Year’s Resolutions

In Australia we are fortunate to have a long weekend so early in the year. It is around this time of year that you may find your exhaustive list of New Year’s resolutions is falling by the wayside as reality kicks back into gear. It is the perfect opportunity to revisit this list and identify 2 – 3 key goals that will give you the most value and meaning in 2015.

Prioritising your goals can be difficult, so we suggest the following three steps:

Step One: Create New Year’s Resolution Criteria

Identify a set of criteria that ensures your goals will add the most value and meaning to you. This requires you to really reflect on the intended outcome of your resolutions, as well as what you hope to gain on the journey of working towards each resolution. It is helpful to create a list of questions that provide a clear Yes or No response to your criteria checklist, for example:

  • In achieving this goal will I have developed skills in a particular area? 
  • By working towards this goal will I engage in activities that reduce my stress levels?
  • By working towards this goal will I be able to spend more time with my family?

Step Two: Break your goals into ‘Bite Size Pieces’

Once you have identified 2 – 3 meaningful goals based on your criteria, identify the specific steps/tasks required to work towards achieving your goal. Then, set yourself realistic timeframes to achieve each task. For example:

In order to engage in assertive conversations more regularly at work, by this time next week I must create a list of all of the challenging conversations I need to have with my staff and the intended outcomes of these conversations.

Step Three: Practice and Celebrate

Use the long weekend to get the ball rolling! Engage in one activity that moves you one step closer to your goal. For example: ‘I will role-play one assertive conversation with a friend over the weekend and ask for their feedback.’

When you have ticked a task off your list, don’t forget to reward yourself! You have a whole long weekend to do something that makes you happy, such as watching a midday movie, going to a yoga class or catching up with friends for coffee.

“Nothing will work unless you do” – Maya Angelou