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Organisational Psychology at Left Field

Definition of organisational psychology is not being an expert on organisational skills. Although I love my Kikki-K products! 

As part of National Psychology Week #NPW2014 the team at Left Field thought it would be interesting to find out why our clients choose us. We make no bones on the fact we are organisational psychologists and that we don’t use pseudo names such as management consultant and/or consultant. So here is what our clients have said about using organisational psychologists in their business!

“In our organisation people are our most valuable, yet unpredictable resource – Left Field helps navigate the seas of change and steady the ship for our team during periods of growth and expansion. As organisational psychologists they genuinely take an interest in our culture and work with us to unlock our DNA, as we strive to build a team.”

“Been a key to building a high performance culture across the company.”

“Taking the time to understand the culture of a business and tailor programs to meet needs.”

“Understanding the value of applied theory (founded in behavioural science) and can explain this easily to stakeholders.”

Why I wanted to be an organisational psychologist comes from my small family business background. I saw the impact that a leader, a work environment and interventions such as training, performance systems, recruitment and team building could have on a small team of people instantly. I wanted to understand why this was and how I could assist the work community to build better people and performance. 

I am so pleased to be working with a dedicated team that believe in Left Field and organisational psychology community’s vision to create meaningful workplaces through understanding the science of people.  

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