Overindulging your career?

(Article appears as featured in September 2015 edition of Style Magazine)


Being ambitions in your career seems like the marking of great success. However, there is a dark side to this drive. I see clients who are exhausted and hating their Style_LFCS_Indulgeonce-cherished careers, and I have wondered if this is because they are overindulging in their careers.


Your career can be likened to a sweet treat. If you are passionate, you find the experience of your career like a sugary hit – the excitement of landing a deal, or the thrill of being noticed for your talents. So, you go for more. But, feasting at the dessert buffet can result in you neglecting other healthy choices. When you are in this cycle you can move into the career drop off; so how do you avoid this?



  • Balance: your career is one aspect of your life. Take time to consider family, friends, hobbies, sports and relaxation as being just as important.


  • Review: take stock of your career and check that you are not just on the rat wheel.


  • Seek Support: talk to a career coach to get perspective and support.



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