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[PRESS RELEASE] Left Field Co. Celebrates 10th Anniversary

[PRESS RELEASE] Left Field Co. Celebrates 10th Anniversary


Brisbane, Queensland, Release: 30 April, 2019. For Immediate Release



Left Field Co. announced its 10th anniversary as a highly regarded organisational psychology based leadership training and consultancy firm.


Left Field Co. began as a small consultancy, providing services across organisational development, people solutions, leadership coaching and training. In 2009, company founder Kelly Maniatis moved from a role within a large corporate organisation to create Left Field Co. as her own business to provide exceptional customer service and specialised people solutions. To this day, Left Field Co. continue to focus on customer satisfaction through delivery of high level strategic organisational capability direction, executive coaching, leadership training and guidance alongside a suite of online courses and programs.


“Over the past 10 years, Left Field Co. have experienced exceptional growth and development thanks to the trust our customers have in us”, said founder Kelly Maniatis, “It is because of our customers we have been able to come as far as we have”.  Mrs Maniatis also went on to reveal that since their inception in 2009, Left Field Co. have partnered with over 100 different organisations and thousands of leaders.


In recent years, the company have also branched out from more traditional consulting methods to also develop their own suite of online courses and programs. These online courses and programs have been designed in house using concepts and tools backed in organisational psychology, neuroscience and leadership techniques.


If you would like more information on how Left Field Co. can help you create leaders everyone wants to work for within your organisation, please visit www.leftfieldco.com.au.




Further Information, please contact:

Name: Kelly Maniatis

Organisation: Left Field Co.

Phone: 07 3379 9386

Email: hello@leftfieldco.com.au





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