Reflection: food for thought

As a psychologist, I spend most of my days observing people's behaviours in the workplace.  The key observation I have seen in the last month is how people are becoming fatigued by the amount of ambiguity and complexity in the working environments.  The ever increasing workload is not physical it is a mental.  Too much information going in!

Have you thought about how you feed your brain to manage the information overload?  Here are some key questions to think about:

  • Look at your diary - do you factor in reflection time between meetings? or do you run from on meeting to another without pause?
  • Does your smart phone own your time or do you own it?
  • Do you skim through material or do you allow yourself time to ponder on what the information means and how to make good decisions from it
  • Do you decline unnecessary meetings  or do you don't think about it and just turn up to the meeting think you shouldn't be here?

You can improve your brain by letting your brain sort information out through reflection.