Reframe your thinking about Hump Day Wednesday!

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When it is a Wednesday most of us think “Hump Day!” – the week is nearly over.  We don’t automatically think this is a great day to do a mid-review of how we are progressing with our goals.  Instead of thinking the weekend is nearly over, why don’t we take the time to reflect what we have achieved so far (gratitude) and what we still would like to achieve at the end of the week (goal set).  This can really motivate and inspire us.  Below are some "Hump Day" questions to ask yourself!

  1. On a scale of 1  - 5, (1= goals not met, 5 = goals met) how would I rate myself in meeting my goals for this week?  Successful people are clear on what they want to achieve in the week and how this links to the bigger picture for themselves.  It may be making important decisions this week, creating balance between work and home, decluttering their space, connecting with more people.  Taking the opportunity to do this on a Wednesday and reflecting how you are tracking can motivate you to make the changes or decisions you require.
  2. How can I get closer to having my goals met by Friday, what actions or courageous conversations do I need to do to get there?  Recognising what you need to do to obtain your goals by Friday ensures there is a concrete timeframe and end-point.
  3. What is my reward for doing this?  Why is this attractive to me?  We need to understand the benefit for achieving these weekly goals and why you think this is a good thing for you.  How would you plan to reward yourself on Friday or over the weekend.

I think a big thing for me is to ensure I don’t take any work and carry it over the weekend.  I look to the Wednesday as inspiration to see what I want to achieve so that I can reward myself by having a great weekend with family and friends!  Pretty good way to celebrate hump day Wednesday