Unlock Your Creativity

Article appears as featured in August 2015 edition of Style Magazine


ARE YOU HITTING a brick wall on a great idea?


Simple changes in how you think and act can unlock creative potential and develop solutions to old problems. Here are some techniques:

“Sleep on it” – the old adage of ‘sleep on it’ is very real and has been well researched. Your question is directed to your unconscious mind which starts working out the solution.

Aug Article
• “Label yourself” – if you think it, you believe it – according to research. Researchers found those who considered themselves creative sought out more creative opportunities and therefore spent more time being creative.
• “Colour me red” – orange, red and yellow are the colours of creativity. Research shows warm colours promote divergent thinking – the necessary process for coming up with multiple ideas. Paint that wall or start wearing red!
• “Quirky works” – we often think creative people need to work in tech environments with sleek designer tables and white chairs. Far from it – the more diverse, crazy and zany the work station, the better it is for creativity.

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