• Leadership

    Leaders & future leaders struggle with the amount of content, information and challenges in the workplace to be effective at their job, leading.

    Leaders are stuck – In meetings, behind their computer screens, in unnecessary workplace conflicts or meaningless conversation about performance.

    At Left Field we create meaningful services to enable a leader for the 21st century. Our services are brain-friendly and create moments where learning sticks for higher leadership performance.

    Leadership Visual Map

    The 21st century workplace is volatile, agile and disruptive. Leaders need to find purpose for in their leadership journey to not become distracted or stagnant in a comfort zone. This is not easy to do!

    Left Field has created a new way of finding out leadership purpose and putting a plan in place to achieve goals through a visual map process. This can be achieved through series of self-directed activities, and can be assisted by coaching to identify the leadership journey.

    By crafting a visual map, the brain is more receptive to retaining and engaging information and can motivate a leader to stay on track.

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    Leadership Coaching

    Move away from the traditional coaching model of having a coffee chat with someone to question you on leadership. Lots of questions, no behavioural change?

    Spending time with a coach is invaluable. Time is important to a leader and the coaching experience needs to tap into parts of the brain to encourage new insights and learnings.

    Left Field adopts a scientific approach to coaching utilising organisational psychology and neuroscience principles to effect change and see improvements in leadership. Regardless of the situation from a dysfunctional leader to a high potential, Left Field’s understanding of the brain and psychology to create deeper insights for change is the key to successful coaching.

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    Leadership Workshops & Programs

    Left Field’s Organisational Psychologists have designed workshops backed by psychological and neuroscience research on how a human brain today can learn.
    The program can be built by choosing the topics to suit the specific needs of the leadership group and guided by our Organisational Psychologists to create maximum learning and greater engagement in the program.

  • Workplace

    21st workplaces are stressful, adaptive and demanding. It is not conducive to human beings.

    We see in workplaces dysfunctional teams, change fatigue and incremental pace.

    At Left Field we created people centered programs to support high performance teams, create change & agility and foster innovation in the workplace.

    Team Performance

    In the 21st century workplace it can be lonely in a team.  Pressure to perform, no purpose, conflicts are all recipe for dysfunction in a team.


    At Left Field, we draw on our skills as Organisational Psychologists to see teams as individuals who can pull together around a common purpose.


    Our approach is to

    • understand individuals in the team to build high powered teams, meeting one-on-one
    • develop workshops to bring the team together to work through communication, engagement, performance and decision-making
    • partner with the leader to improve leadership skills to lead team

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    Change & Agility

    Our approach to change is to create a people-driven movement.

    • Understand where people are at by asking questions on current state vs future state
    • Develop a change management plan to predict human behaviour on the change-transition curve
    • Teach communication initiatives to “talk” to employees not “tell” employees



    In the 21st century, there is no shortage of ideas.  There is just blocks to making those ideas become a reality.


    We see in workplaces people struggling to drive innovation as people are stuck in meetings, drowning in emails and sitting at yet another “steering” committee.


    At Left Field we work best with teams who want to invent, re-create and develop their ideas in the workplace.


    Our approach to innovation is to work with the team to:

    • Unlocking people’s brains to idea generation
    • Identify and define the creative mission
    • Develop ideas to innovation
    • Make decisions on the best idea
    • Prototype idea
    • Project manage idea to implement.


  • Thought Leadership

    Careers today is about taking the lead and understanding a personal brand. Feeling stuck in a career will lead to a dead-end job!

    Left Field can inspire and draw out your native genius – what makes you unique and valuable to the world.

    Our career coaches are Organisational Psychologist who can work with you to unlock your career and develop a career pathway.


    Our career coaches are Organisational Psychologist who can work with you to unlock your career and develop a career pathway.


    Our approach is:

    • Develop your personal DNA through finding out your Why?
    • Work through blockers and barriers to achieving career success
    • Create an action plan to build career essential skills

    We work well with sole-entrepreneurs who want to further develop and build their brands.

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