Di Bella Coffee

Performance Coaching


  • Leadership Visual Map
  • Leadership Action Plan
  • Brain-based Coaching
  • Team Performance

Project Overview

Di Bella Coffee’s passion for people meant ensuring the leadership team were equipped to execute this strategy and build internal capability to lead others. Di Bella Coffee employed a Left Field coach to work with the leadership team to identify and work through barriers in thinking to achieve business and people goals.

Kelly worked with the leadership team one-on-one in coaching to draw out leaders key strengths and worked with them in developing their emotional intelligence in order to create behavioural changes to improve leadership effectiveness. Due to the nature of the fast-paced environment DiBella operated in, Kelly also worked with leaders to build their leadership resiliency (stress tolerance, emotional control, stress management).

Over the five years Kelly was coaching the leadership team, Di Bella Coffee saw increases in revenue and people engagement.

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