Leadership & Group Coaching


  • Brain-based coaching
  • Group leadership coaching
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Innovation Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligent Leadership

Project Overview

As one of the preferred coaching suppliers for QSuper, Left Field has coached over 200 leaders at QSuper. Left Field’s style of thought provoking questioning, challenging the status and using neuroscience to create learning insights makes Left Field coaches most sought after. Left Field has delivered one-on-one coaching and group coaching (6 leaders in a group).

A key point of difference in the delivery of engaging Left Field Co. for coaching services is the technical background of Kelly Maniatis as a qualified Organisational Psychologist. This means instead of getting ‘run of the mill’ standardised coaching, Kelly works directly with leaders and has the ability to diagnose, understand and create an environment for behavioural change based on scientific methodologies and approaches customised specifically for them.

Feedback from QSuper coaching clients has been positive particularly around Kelly’s ability to accurately interpret their current realities and provide very practical, hands-on tools that can be directly applied to the workplace to create behavioural change. Feedback from the managers of those Kelly has coached has been seeing a direct change in the way an individual is performing at work and seeing significant shifts in thinking – particularly for those who are highly technical or starting out as new leaders.

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