Springmount Services

Leadership Performance


  • Leadership Visual Map
  • Leadership Action Plan
  • Brain-based Coaching
  • Team Performance

Project Overview

Springmount Services have been partnering with Left Field Co for the past five years. Managing Director of Springmount Services was looking to grow the business, expand internationally and increase bottom line performance across the organisation. To achieve these goals, he identified the best way to do so was to grow and enable his leadership team to help deliver these outcomes. As such, Springmount Services were seeking a partner to create a stronger leadership team through a personalised, measurable program tailored to each leader. Rather than go on simple training session, Springmount Services partnered with Left Field Co’s Leadership expert and organisational psychologist Kelly Maniatis to deliver a full strategic, holistic leadership partner approach. This approach included a combination of strategy planning, framework guidance, leadership conference presentations and quarterly coaching sessions with leaders.

This program has been successfully running for the last 5 years and is continuing to build capability, create learning insights and is demonstrating a growth in level of leadership performance. The business in the last four years has seen increase in profitability, an improved leadership structure to enable growth and a strong engagement & retention rate.

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