University of Queensland

Powerful, practical facilitation & workshops for every group (Workshops & Training)


Project Overview

The University of Queensland are one of Australia’s largest and most prestigious universities. Left Field Co. has delivered a broad range of organisational development services including workshops and training across different Institutes, Schools and teams at the University of Queensland.

Our trainers are Organisational Psychologists, this means during our workshops, we can go beyond the content of the workbook, as we read the group in real time during the session to ensure we can provide responsive and timely expert advice to tailor to their needs. We use a range of mechanisms to make sure learning is transferred and observed back in the workplace, and has an impact on bench strength, communication, employee engagement and of course the bottom line.

Left Field Co have been partnering with UQ for nearly 10 years to develop their employees through training. Some of the key workshops and training programs we have conducted with UQ are: Change Management, Team Vision & Purpose, Leadership Workshops, Team Effectiveness, Customer Service, Influencing and Strategic Planning to name a few.

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